[dropcap size=small]E[/dropcap]very friday, people line up in front of movie theaters hoping for a decent and logical movie in India. But unfortunately only few pass the test. And fewer pass the test when it comes to action movies. Here are Crizic’s 10 best action movies in Bollywood.

10. The Burning Train

the burning train Action Movies Bollywood Crizic

Gather a huge star cast, put them in a train and add an engaging storyline. That pretty much sums up The Burning Train.

9. Karma

Karma Action Movies Bollywood Crizic

Subhash Ghai is an awesome filmmaker as he never bows to the traditional method of filmmaking. He is an innovator in the art of Indian movie making who tackles the strongest issues and social weakness in India and indeed humanity itself. Be it the recruitment of children into crime and terrorism as displayed so eloquently by the three young protagonists, the strength of family values which can overcome even the hardened minds displayed by Dilip Kumar or just the need for unity in the country and the world against oppression. Karma is an ideological film, based on the idea that all humans are inherently good and that life itself creates the difference between an officer and a criminal.

8. Shootout at Lokhandwala

shootout at lokhandwala the burning train Action Movies Bollywood Crizic

This movie had Vivek Oberoi and Tusshar Kapoor having more screen time than Amitabh Bacchan and Sanjay Dutt, and still it is one of the greatest action movie of all time. Why? Because maybe it had great script. Because maybe it had brilliant direction. Or maybe it had one of the best action ever.

7. Parinda

parinda action Movies Bollywood Crizic


As opposed to most of the Hindi movies of that time, the story of Parinda is devoid of clichés, and the screenplay as well as the dialogues are well written. There are neither the typical courageous action heroes nor the exaggerated fantasy action sequences one gets to see so much in Hindi films, though at some points you do feel its loyalty to the general Hindi film style (that’s called commercial pressure). Chopra portrays the relationship between the two brothers authentically, as he does with practically every other relationship in the film.

6. Kaminey

kaminey Action Movies Bollywood Crizic

Vishal Bharadwaj delivers an awesome dark and twisted tale of two brothers each with his own share of mess to take care of, not to mention their speech impediments that provide some great sounding dialog to the audience and depth to the characters.This movie sits at 6th position in this list of best action movies of all time.

5. Company

company Action Movies Bollywood Crizic

Well, we think we should stop criticizing Vivek Oberoi. The guy is one of the, well, kings of action. Company is probably one of the best Indian gangster films ever made.The film gives us an in-depth view into the dark world of Bombay Mafia, where only the fittest survive, and how their operations have spread on a global scale. And when there is talking about Mumbai Underworld, there is action. And the movie delivers plenty of it.

4. Ghayal

ghayal movie Action Movies Bollywood Crizic


Sunny Deol is clearly, and yeah, clearly India’s very own Rambo. This guy can do anything from blasting people up to uprooting hand-pumps. And that is, ladies and gentlemen, what he did in Ghayal.

3. Don

don movie Action Movies Bollywood Crizic

Seventies were the decade of crime-thrillers in Bollywood when a plethora of such movies were presented to the audience. Among them Don is a milestone movie which demonstrated what true action is all about. It enhanced the popularity of already very popular Angry Young Man of India, Amitabh Bachchan.

2. Satya

satya movie Action Bollywood Crizic

There are few movies which are classic from scene one to the climax. Satya is an epitome of such movies.

1. Sholay

Sholey Action Movies Bollywood Crizic

Because Sholay. Period.