[dropcap size=small]H[/dropcap]ere is the list of 10 best first person shooters


1. Legacy will be taken into account.

2. Games must be apt to the first person genre.

3. They should be of high quality and maintain standards.

4. The experience must be top-notch. First person games are meant to be immersive.


The game credited with the ‘invention’ of headshot, it had the best online multiplayer at the time of dial up modems and 56K speed. With well designed AI and great shooting experience, this game finds its place on number ten on this list.


Probably exaggerating description, but this is the most fun multiplayer we have on this list. When you play Team Fortress 2 you don’t just shoot up people. You have to plan out proper strategies to win. One of the funniest and greatest shooter ever.


SHOOTING NAZIS? Hell yeah! Doing that at a time First Person Shooters weren’t that popular? Brilliant, just brilliant.

7. Portal

best first person shooters

Portal destroyed the stereotypical concepts of a First Person Shooter video game. Instead of handling an arsenal, players were handed just one gun which involved some concepts of physics. Instead of plethora of various types of enemies, there were just turrets. Instead of a prize, there was just a cake – oh well.

Why is a COD game on the greatest of all time list? Simply because it was a revolutionary COD game. It took Call of Duty to a whole new, mature level.


5. Bioshock

Bioshock was just meant to take a piss on the face of those people who said that FPS are nothing but brainless shooters. And it did exactly that. With its beautiful underwater dystopia and political, social and philosophical components, this game finds its place on number five on our list. Played this game? No? Would you kindly?


The granddaddy of them all and originally just a spiritual success to Wolfenstein 3D, this game put players in the role of a space marine sent out there to shoot aliens. Simple plot, great narrative and classic gameplay puts this game here on our list. Oh, and BFG. Don’t forget BFG.


Don’t lie man, you loved this game. Well some hipsters may go like, ‘Bah! Halo? Kids play that shit.’, but everyone will agree to this point: it was this product of Microsoft that changed the notion ‘FPS do not work on consoles’. A tight story with great co-op and multiplayer options, this game defined the true experience of a first person shooter.


There was a golden rule in video game industry: Movie-to-game adaptions suck. But the year 1997 changed this perception with the release of Goldeneye 007 on N64. This game had revolutionary mulitiplayer to add to its innovative gameplay. It would have been impossible to fathom Halo-s and COD-s without this genre defining game.


There is a reason why history of first person games is divided into pre-Half Life and post-Half Life; this game defines the first person genre. Plenty of replay value? Check. Great level designing? Check. Holy shit moments? Check. Crowbar? Well, check. BAM. We have the greatest first person shooter of all time.