[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he ten best video game twists of all time.


1. The twist must screw your mind.

2. The twist must screw your mind.

3. The twist must screw your mind.

4. Lastly, the twist must screw your mind.

And of course, SPOILER ALERT!

 10. Silent Hill 2
10. Silent Hill 2
You killed your wife.

The entire game makes the gamer believe that in the end, after all this scary shit, the protagonist will find the woman he loves so much. And then we are quietly let in a secret that the protagonist already knows: He killed her. Fantastic, as well as gut wrenching.

9. Braid
9. Braid best video game twists of all time
The girl is running away from you.

Made a beautiful little old-school platformer? Check. Put in a nice, search for the lost love story in which your girlfriend is kidnapped by a knight? Check. Finding out you are the bad guy, the knight? CHECK. Turns out that entire game was somehow related to the Atomic bomb incident of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945? CHECK!

8. Super Mario Bros
8. Super Mario Bros.

But our princess is in another castle!

Probably the most famous gaming twist of all time. You keep bouncing up and down castles, killing various guys, get to your princess – FML she isn’t the princess! The twist that screwed the minds of gamers in the 80s, this twist finds its place on number eight in our list.

7. Final Fantasy VII


Aeries dies.

The emotions hit hard here. The game developers build a great relationship between the two main characters the entire game and they killed one of them? Cold Blooded? Well, not many truly expected this.

6. Heavy Rain

6. Heavy Rain

Scott Shelby is the Origami Killer.

Are you kidding me? The most sympathetic and caring guy towards children in the game turns out to be a serial killer. Er, WOAH!

5. Metriod

5. Metroid

Samus is a girl.

Yeah. You play the entire game with that badass shiny armour, abs of steel, beating shit out of enemies and being the manliest man on the galaxy. You come to the last stage, beat the last boss, something happens to Samus’s suit- aaaaaand ladies and gentlemen, Samus is a chick! What’s more, you even get a hidden bikini ending.

4. Red Dead Redemption

4. RDR

Controlling John Marston to his death.

This is not a ‘Wow so this was the twist they were building on uptill now’ twist, it was simply a chilling twist. This twist makes you go through those moments. You have the full control of the character, you have the enemies in front of you, you even kill a few of them, but not ‘all’ of them. The death of the most badass and most emotionally relatable video game character of all time? Damn.

3. BioShock Infinite

3. BioShock Infinite

Elizabeth is your daughter and There’s always a lighthouse.

Well technically the ending did not have only one twist, or two, but a plethora of twists that cannot be explained in text. This game blew every gamers’ mind in 2013 and put every one in existential crisis. With one of the most brain numbing twist ever, this game has become a modern classic due to its brilliant plot.

2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


You are Darth Revan,the villain of the game.

How shocking it was? Well imagine that Bruce Wayne wakes up one morning and looks at mirror to suddenly find that he was Joker all along! Finding out you are not just a bad guy, but the most evil man in the world puts KOTOR on number two on our list. And the number one is,

1. Bioshock
1. BioShock
Would you kindly?

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. Hands down, the most spine chilling moment in gaming. This twist is here not just because in the end it is revealed that the character we are controlling through our remote was being brainscrewed the entire time, it is revealed that ‘we’, the gamers were being brainscrewed the entire time. Would you kindly play this game if you have not played it yet?

Honourable Mentions.

Every twist in Metal Gear Solid series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ending, Castlevania: You are the Dracula, Shadow of the Colossus twist.