[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hat follows is our list of the best games that found a home on the PS3. These are the experiences that entertained us the most during the console’s event-filled, yet ultimately satisfying, lifespan. Here are 10 best PS3 games of all time.

10. Infamous 2:


Sometimes you just want to murder someone by zapping them with lightning from your hands. For
those times in your life, InFamous 2 exists. There are other times, too. Times when you want to
fling cars at people, free-run up buildings, and play as a character with less personality than a
damp sponge. For these times, too, InFamous 2 exists.

9. Fallout 3:


There’s something special about a game that lets you do whatever you want. Bethesda Game Studios’
Fallout 3 is one such game, and although it’s not the only one of its kind, it may very well be
the best open-world, sandbox RPG ever released. Set in the Capital Wasteland – formerly known as
Washington D.C., but with a distinct nuclear taint – Fallout 3 dares its nameless protagonist to
find his or her own way through the horrors of the post-apocalyptic United States.

8. Bioshock Infinite:

Bioshock Infinite

Ken Levine and his (now sadly disbanded) team at Irrational Games spent five years creating the
true sequel to BioShock, while 2K Marin made the numbered BioShock 2. Clearly they didn’t waste a
single second of that time. The artistic direction and flair is consistent everywhere you look,
perfectly realising a city suspended in the clouds better than anyone could ever have expected.

7. GTA V:



Probably the biggest evolution Grand Theft Auto has enjoyed since it went 3D, GTA 5 takes the
essence of what has always made the series great, dismantles it, and rebuilds it with a new,
fresh, altogether more thoughtful, and entirely reinvigorated structure. The three-protagonist
set-up does far, far more than simply mix up the characterisation, building sophisticated
dramatic irony as three separate storylines twist and conflict, all under control of the player.
Even better, it’s now finally possible to play GTA any way you want to, and have it make sense.

6. Red Dead Redemption:

Red Dead Redemption

Though RDR is better enjoyed on Xbox 360, its PS3 counterpart deserves a place in this list here.
Few other games create such a glorious sense of time and place. All your actions and interactions
within this game’s rugged landscapes just make sense, and it’s the perfect backdrop for John
Marsden’s tough tale of injustice and loss–a narrative that climaxes in one of the boldest, most
memorable endings of any game, ever.

5. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves:

unchartered 2

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was a standout title in the early life of PlayStation 3, but Among
Thieves is when the franchise truly became spectacular. Naughty Dog is really able to flex its
narrative muscles for the second installment, which cements Nathan Drake and friends as some of
the best characters in the entire PlayStation ecosystem. Uncharted 2 improves upon Drake’s
Fortune in every respect, including one of the most memorable opening scenes of any game on the

4. Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection:


Are we cheating here? Well, sort of. But though MGS Legacy Collection isn’t one game, every
single part it has are well, brilliant.

3. Journey:

Journey game

Journey is so much more than just a game. An experience like no other, Journey is such a
meaningful trip through life and death and companionship that it’s hard to even categorize.
Thatgamecompany created a game that’s not only timeless and beautiful, but a perfect
representation of the creative ecosystem that makes PlayStation 3 so special.

2. Heavy Rain:

Heavy Rain

David Cage’s Paris-based studio, Quantic Dream, has pioneered the Interactive Drama genre, a
genre that simply didn’t exist before he and his team endeavored to more closely marry cinema
with games. Heavy Rain represents the triumph of Cage’s initiative, a game that strives to
immerse, a game that makes every choice you make matter and have real repercussions. Other games
have choice, but Heavy Rain defines the consequences of those choices better than anything else
on PlayStation 3. Heavy Rain is a true feat, and proof of what gaming is capable of apart from
gunfire and loud explosions.

1. The Last of Us:

Best PS3 games of all time

Naughty Dog’s violent, heartfelt, emotionally exhausting epic The Last of Us is the studio’s
crowning achievement, and easily the greatest game on the PlayStation 3. Its story of survival in
a post-apocalyptic world may be built on a foundation of zombie-movie clichés, but the tale of
the embittered smuggler Joel and his relationship with a young girl named Ellie is so full of
heart and wrought with such subtlety that any concerns about overfamiliarity quickly fade away.
Better still, in addition to its beautiful art, gorgeous soundtrack and eye-popping cutscenes,
the game itself is quite well-made. It’s an often terrifying, exhilarating mixture of stealth,
action and horror that plays out over sprawling levels and is unafraid to make the player feel
disoriented and disempowered.