Football is one of the most popular global sports and football players have become icons throughout the world. From having a church of their own (Maradona) to having a galaxy named after them (cr7) they are figures which people follow and venerate. However, as in all walks of life, some footballers are cooler than others. The definition of cool might require a lengthy discourse on semantics and hence we begin with the list because, you’d rather hear about cool footballers than meaning of cool, right?


1 Zlatan ibrahimovic – aged 16, he told Arsene Wenger that “Zlatan doesn’t do trials.” When asked was he insane, he replied “you think a sane man would attempt an overhead kick from 30 yards out in an international match against England?” Zlatan isn’t cool, cool is Zlatan. He’s so cool that Pep Guardiola couldn’t handle his Ferrari driving exploits. The reason why he rubs so many people off in the wrong direction is his high (and that’s putting it mildly) opinion of himself and because he wins things in football making it look like he was strolling out for a walk. Oh, and he also has his name as a word in the dictionaries of 2 countries out of 4 in which he has played. Now that’s cool, Zlatan cool.


i believe i can fly... i can touch the sky...
i believe i can fly… i can touch the sky…

2 Leighton Baines- the left back who leads his team in assists, the left back who takes all the set pieces and the left back who is friends with Alex turner and Miles Kane. With his unkempt hair, lord of the rings looks and brilliant skill with his left foot, Leighton Baines is one of the coolest footballers in the English top flight, plying his trade for Merseyside club Everton. While other English players were debating wheter to take their man bags or WAGs to the world cup, he took his guitar. An Englishman was never so cool, except maybe for James Bond.

you two go ahead, i'll just learn a new Brazilian song on guitar
you two go ahead, i’ll just learn a new Brazilian song on guitar

3 Gerrard Pique- 2 time euro winner, 3 time champions’ league winner, world cup winner, looks like that, oh, and he’s dating Shakira. He’s dating Shakira people, go home, show’s over.

my next trophy goes...there
my next trophy goes…there


4 Xabi Alonso- Xabi Alonso has won everything there is to be won, and then some. His is an understated elegance and a calm and composed way of doing things without any fuss and looking like a movie star playing football. His vision, distribution and reassuring presence are all factors in his suave and cool factor, not to mention his red beard.

Talk about casting a big shadow
Talk about casting a big shadow


5 David Luiz- he is a defender, so to speak, but is often found somewhere else, both physically and mentally. Sometimes in games, you feel as though God was playing FIFA and his sprint button on the controller was permanently pressed when he played with David Luiz. Those hair and smile, the free kicks and the headers, the tag of being the most expensive defender in football history, and a devil may care attitude all make Luiz cool. Too cool for Mourinho, actually. Where’s my defender???

I swear, i thought i'd come back in time to stop the goals.
I swear, i thought i’d come back in time to stop the goals.


6 Eric Cantona- nicknamed “the King” Cantona was the player who completely changed English Premier league. With his upturned collar, chip finishes from unbelievable distances, and temper that flared faster than Zeus the thunder god, Cantona has done some pretty cool (and wild) things. He kung fu kicked a spectator (yes!?), went to jail for it, detested France and loved England, and became an actor after retiring from football (yes, again). Bearer of the famous No 7 jersey of Manchester United, he inspired an entire generation of young lads as seen in their style and collars. But there was only one Cantona, and boy, was he cool.

his name is king...
his name is king…


7 Dimitar berbatov- Dimitar Berbatov is the stereotypical nightmare student for a teacher. He genuinely looks least interseted in football and it seems he’d be anywhere else rather than on a football pitch. That is not to say he isn’t talented, he is, and he has had an eventful career, he just has an attitude and is the definition of laid back on the field. It clearly proved too much for Sir Alex Ferguson to handle.

and then i thought, i'm missing my baking class..
and then i thought, i’m missing my baking class..

8 Christiano Ronaldo- remember that Galaxy thing at the beginning? Yes, this is our guy. Christiano Ronaldo is not just a football player, he is a lot of things. A fashion model, the fittest guy on the planet (probably) and the most efficient player statistically. He makes hard work look cool, and he became a household name (and the Ballond’or) whilst he was still in Manchester with his tricks, stopovers and long range shooting. However, it was after his move to Madrid that he became a true superstar. Ronaldo Dates supermodels, parties with Paris Hilton, drives a Rolls Royce to training and is Probably the only player to sport two different hairstyles in a single game (what?!). while the debate continues over who is better, him or Messi, we all know he is the cooler, not to mention the one who spends more money on hair gel.

the boy from madeira...(?)
the boy from madeira…

9David Beckham- Let’s see, where do we start. England Captain, check. Manchester united legend, Check. Fashion model, check. Gillette ambassador, check. Greek god looks, check. Celebrity wife, check. It seems God was high on LSD while he created David Beckham. I mean, come on, the dude is friends with Tom Cruise and Gordon Ramsay, is remembered as a legend in football, is married to Victoria Beckham, looks like the apparition of Adonis and has his own clothing and fashion line. And yet he remains humble enough and says that he will always be a Manchester lad. Cool personified.

sometimes even i wonder why i am so cool.
sometimes even i wonder why i am so cool.

10 Andrea Pirlo- Andrea Pirlo looks like an Italian Don crossed with a Texan badass cowboy decided to play football. His beard, his passing, his long flowing hair, his unbelievable free kicks, and his playing level at age 36 all make him cool. He is for the lack of a better cliché, like a fine Italian wine, gets better with age. Easily the most distinguishable player on the field, his intelligence on the ball is unequivocal. He has won all major competitions and as he walks into the sunset, he will know he made quite an impact. Hats off to his cool quotient.


God's representative on earth meets God's footballing representative on earth
God’s representative on earth meets God’s footballing representative on earth