[dropcap size=small]9[/dropcap]0’s were awesome in terms of many things, including gaming. The development of games around this time was beginning to happen at a fast rate, people were beginning to open to new ideas, et al. Crizic presents you some of those mainstream games that changed the perception of gaming in the 90s. Here are the 10 greatest games of the 90s.

10. Banjo-Kazooie:


We open the list with a pure classic called Banjo-Kazooie. This game had a different approach to storytelling and the goofy gameplay made it fun for gamers in the 90s to spend hours on their Nintendo 64.

9. Star Fox 64:

star fox 64

The cinematic quality of the storyline made this game stand apart from other games of the 90s. Truly a great milestone in gaming.

8. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings:

Age of Empires II- The Age of Kings

Oh sweet 90s! Remember those lousy sundays when you attacked enemy’s fortress and mined for gold and shit? Oh well, thanks Microsoft!

7. Planescape: Torment:

Planescape- Torment

Why this game is on the top of so much lists? Let us explain. If this game would have been a novel, it would be a classic. If this game would have been a movie, it would have been one of the greatest. Right now, this is a game, and is indeed one of the greatest.

6. Mario Kart 64:


Mario Kart 64 was one true multiplayer experience of the gamers from the 90s. Rivelled by only GoldenEye in terms of multiplaying, Mario Kart 64 was a brilliant take on racing games.

5. Metal Gear Solid:

metal gear solid

Games before Metal Gear Solid followed a cliched approch to storytelling. MGS changed everything. It blew the minds of 90s gamers with amazing stealth play, storyline and fourth wall breaking. Speaking of that, Psycho Mantis would like to have a word with you. You like Castlevania, don’t you?

4. Chrono Trigger:


The first of those few games which really touched our heart and gave us some long goosebumps, Chrono Trigger was no ordinary game.

3. GoldenEye 007:


Who can forget those legendary evenings with friends at home and splitscreen multiplayer of GoldenEye 007? Not many.

2. Super Mario 64:


When our 2-D platform jumping guy arrived in his 3-D avatar, every single gamer across the world went crazy. With revolutionary mechanics and amazing controls combined with superb graphics, Super Mario 64 is the second greatest game of ‘the’ generation, and the number one is,

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

the legend of zelda

Pretty Obvious.