[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he 10 most irritating game characters of all time.


* They must irritate the hell out of you.

10. Roman Bellic:

Roman Bellic

COULD SOMEONE PLEASE GO BOWLING WITH HIM ONCE? In the middle of a race? *Text* Lets go bowling. At a place where there are people shooting at you? *Text* Lets go bowling. Police on your tail? Lets go bowling. We are now tired of your shit Roman.

9. Lady Comstock:

Lady Comstock

Oh Bioshock Infinite! You give us some great moments, great gameplay, great story and then, her? A real hard boss which is good for nothing? Damn it.

8. Big the Cat:

Big the Cat

The only reason why big the cat is not higher up this list is that there is majorly only one problem with him: He has no purpose in the game. Except being fat; and liking frogs.

7. Fatman (Metal Gear Solid 2):

Fatman (Metal Gear Solid 2)

No one knows why the developers used this poor excuse for a video game boss in a legendary video game series. He is a vicious bomb expert and heís also on roller skates AND he loves manicures. Fatman showing up on roller skates is ridiculous and it plays that way too. After defeating him, he reveals that there is one last big bomb and heís hid it somewhere nearby but wonít tell you where. Turns out itís just under his big fat ass. Wow.

6. The Cop (Road Rash):

The Cop (Road Rash)

This black and white thing will kick you, hit you and do anything to get you off your bike. For what? For racing in a racing game. BUSTED!

5. Ashley Graham (Resident Evil 4):

Ashley Graham (Resident Evil 4)

Also called, ‘The most useless partner in a game ever’, all she does in the game is, well, complain. This irritating piece of crap finds its place on number five.

4. The Dog (Duck Hunt):

The Dog (Duck Hunt)

SOMEONE SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE! Oh nope. He is invincible. There are only two options to stop him, either keep killing the birds, or pull out the god damn cartidge!

3. Boogerman:


One of the grossest and most disgustng character ever, this guy was hated by every gamer in the 90s. No wonder why.

2. Leisure Suit Larry:

Leisure Suit Larry

Oh now stop it Larry! It is 2015, and no one really likes your shit now. Even though the game this guy was in was meant to be an adult game, his seducing and double meaning antics are never funny or arousing as such. Period.

1. Jake Conway:

Jake Conway-

One of the reason why Ride to hell was such a bad game was because of this guy. Did they really project him as a badass? Jake Conway is the worst and most irritating gaming character of all time.