[dropcap size=small]M[/dropcap]ovie adaptations of video games have never been able to do justice to the games. And director Uwe Boll can get half the credit for that. But still many are in the making. One most talked about is the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie starring Michael Fassbender. Maybe it will be the one that breaks the long streak of bad adaptations. But all we know till now, is that basing movies off video games is not a good idea. Here’s Crizic’s list of 10 video game movies that sucked:

10. DOA: Dead or Alive (2006):

no10 deadoralive

The movie adaptation of the Dead or Alive game series can be considered as a mix of Mortal Kombat and Charlie’s Angels. But still good action couldn’t make up for the bad acting and lack of a binding story.

9. Doom (2005):

no9 doom

There is no doubt that the game was awesome. But changing the plot in the movie resulted in a blunder. No invasion from hell this time, but rather the enemies were humans mutated from a artificially systhesised virus which didn’t even works on everyone. And even “The Rock” couldn’t compensate for the awful performances. The movie was nowhere close to what the game delivered.

8. House of the dead (2003):

no8 houseofthedead

A bunch of teenagers plan to party on a remote island (of all the places they could have gone to) which has been infested by zombies. But why the game adaptation for this story? Although unintentionally funny at times, Uwe Boll’s version of the House of the Dead makes no sense.

7. Super Mario Bros. (1993):

no7 supermario

One of the most famous games of all time. Maybe the impact that Super Mario has on popular culture was the reason that encouraged the making of a live action adaptation of it. But apart from some cool costumes the movie had no substance to it whatsoever which could please anyone who saw the movie.

6. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997):

no6 mortalkombat

The first Mortal Kombat was not bad and a huge box office success but it still lacked in plot details and acting. And nothing of that improved in the sequel that followed, instead it only went down. The first movie’s box office success called for a sequel with some improvements and it happened but without any improvements. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation was so bad that it makes the first one look like one awesome movie.

5. Double Dragon (1994):

no5 doubledragon

Panned by critics and panned by fans, Double Dragon was a disaster. Cheesy dialogues and goofy action scenes is all that Double Dragon delivers.

4. Far Cry (2008):

no4 farcry

Another one of Uwe Boll’s terrible video game movie adaptations. It didn’t seemed to be aimed at fans of the game, or fans of movies at all. This is one laughable action film that needs to be avoided at all costs if you like the game.

3. BloodRayne (2005):

no3 bloddrayne

BloodRayne only proves that when it comes to turning video games into live-action films they better not be handed to Uwe Boll to direct even when you cast good actors like Ben Kingsley, and Michelle Rodriquez. The movie was so terrible that its sequel went direct-to-video instead.

2. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (2009):

no2 streetfighter

Bad casting, boring story full of plot holes seems to be the spice of live-action films based on video games, and The Legend of Chun-Li has it all in appropriate amount.

1. Alone in the Dark (2005):

no1 aloneinthedark

Alone in the Dark is Uwe Boll’s masterpiece. The worst video game movie ever and one of the worst movie ever made, Alone in the Dark has all the elements that makes a stinking adaptation of a popular video game.