[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]ean Bean dies in everything. Well, almost true considering many of his major and loved roles he starred in (LOTR, Game Of Thrones) Sean Bean couldn’t survive. Surprisingly, there are many works of his, TV movies (not included in this list) and films where he managed to survive to the end. In fact Sean Bean had his fair share of action and killings in the famous Sharpe series in which he played the titular character, Richard Sharpe and doesn’t get killed. Here’s Crizic’s list of 11 popular movies in which Sean Bean did not die:

1. Black Beauty (1994):

no1 blackbeauty

Though Sean Bean had a very small role to play in this movie, it would have been insanely tragic if Farmer Grey died.

2. When Saturday Comes (1996):

no2 when saturday comes

When Saturday Comes is a wonderful movie which shows how important every choice we make in our life is. Sean Bean was amazing in the lead role as Jimmy Muir.

3. Anna Karenina (1997):

no3 anna karenina

Anna Karenina stars Sean Bean as Count Vronsky and since the movie was based on Leo Tolstoy’s novel of the same name, the director even if he wanted to couldn’t have changed any major events from the book. Meaning even though Vronsky made up his mind to go on a suicide mission, Sean Bean lives through it this time.

4. Ronin (1998):

no4 ronin

John Frankenheimer’s Ronin is an action thriller movie which stars Robert DeNiro, Jean Reno, Natascha McElhone, and Sean Bean in major roles. The movie was action packed throughout involving a lot of car chases (the movie had death written all over), but Sean Bean, he avoids death a couple of times and survives till the end.

5. The Big Empty (2003):

no5 the big empty

Sean Bean stars in The Big Empty as ‘Cowboy’, a mysterious character who is referred to as “the guy with a big, black duster and black Stetson”. The story goes pretty smooth for Cowboy with no threat to his life.

6. Troy (2004):

no6 troy

Adaptation of Homer’s Iliad, Troy features Brad Pitt as Achilles, Diane Kruger as Helen, Orlando Bloom as Paris, Eric Bana as Hector and Sean Bean as Odysseus.
Sean Bean definitely got lucky this time, he got the role of a Greek hero who had a very important part to play in the Trojan war. So it was a war movie in which even Brad Pitt died but not Sean Bean.

7. National Treasure (2004):

no7 nationaltreasure

National Treasure was a good adventure movie. Sean Bean plays a bad guy (which he is really good at) and the good guy Nicolas Cage manages to get him arrested. And thats it. What happens to him after his arrest is not shown but lets be on the optimistic side, Sean Bean lives again.

8. Flightplan (2005):

FLIGHTPLAN, Kate Beahan, Jodie Foster, Erika Christensen, Sean Bean, 2005, (c) Touchstone

Flightplan stars Sean Bean as the captain of a plane aboard which, is a woman (Jodie Foster) with her six year old daughter and a top level conspiracy is being laid into action. And Sean Bean is neither the bad guy this time nor does he get killed, not in a plane crash, or in a bomb blast or gets shot.

9. Silent Hill (2006):

no9 silent hill

Sean Bean takes the role of Christiopher Da Silva in this movie adaptation of the Silent Hill game. And since its a psychological horror flick you would expect someone to die a horrifying death, especially when Sean Bean is in the cast. But no, nothing of that sort happens, and Sean Bean lives yet again.

10. Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief (2010):

no10 percyjackson

Okay, Sean Bean is the God of Sky and Thunder, Zeus and this is a YA movie, so there was no possibility Sean Bean would have died in this movie. We can blame it on wrong casting that Sean Bean had no opportunity to get killed this time.

11. Cleanskin (2012):


Cleanskin is a thriller movie which features Sean Bean in the lead role as Ewan who is a badass British Secret Service Agent. The movie has an interesting plot with a lot of twists and action, some really violent action sequences, and Sean Bean survived through all of it.