[dropcap size=small]H[/dropcap]ere’s Crizic’s list of twenty greatest games of all time. There were several rules when it came to selecting them: Legacy is counted. The games should maintain high quality and standards. They should be universally considered the milestones in gaming, and should be inspiration for the developers. They are judged on the basis of: gameplay, story, controls, experience, graphics (as compared to other titles before their release), importance, influence and of course, soundtrack.

20. Batman: Arkham City:

20. Batman Arkham City

There have been Batman games, but the true feeling of being Batman has been captured only by Arkham series, and particulary, Arkham City. Arguably the greatest superhero game of all time and the game with best combat mechanics ever, This game surely deserves a place here.

19. Pac-Man:


NO. We aren’t talking about that Atari 2600 Pac-Man. We are talking about the classic, true Pac Man. The one which kept gamers in the 80s busy for hours escaping those Red, Pink, Cyan and Orange ghosts. It was one of the first games that gave its enemies AI ‘personality’ and giving us a mascot in the form of Pac-Man. Oh and not to forget, this is the first game ever to have a proper cut-scene.

18. Dark Souls 2 (representing the Dark Souls series):

Dark Souls 2

The worst part is, people know this game as one of the hardest game of all time. But in reality it is the most rewarding game ever. Yeah, this game is not for casual gamers. But even then, it has just the perfect controls and gameplay present in every other game. The only difference however is to find and capitalize on the gaming mechanics to score. And then you can have something to brag upon.

17. Metal Gear Solid (Representing Metal Gear series):

Metal Gear Solid

The trendsetter of stealth games, this game taught the world how a story is told and how fourth wall is broken (Psycho Mantis, anyone?). A solid game with gripping narrative, spot on controls and amazing gameplay.

16. Tetris:

Tetris Crizic's list of twenty greatest games of all time.

Can a gaming list of greatest games be complete without this? Nope. Released on virtually every device known to mankind, this game is legendary.

15. World of Warcraft:

World of Warcraft  Crizic's list of twenty greatest games of all time.

The reason this game has a hell lot of hardcore followers is simply that it is the best MMO of all time. Many games release every other week to topple this king, but so far every single one of them has failed.

14. Super Mario Bros.:


How can the list be complete without this platformer? This game told us an awesome story and gave us a nice gameplay in the 80s, and brought the video game industry into power.

13. Mass Effect trilogy:

Mass Effect trilogy

Are we cheating here? No. Mass Effect Trilogy can be called one game. And it had the potential to be the greatest game of all time if and only if they altered the ending. But still this gaming equivalent of Star Wars with brilliant character development is one of the best game of all time.

12. Goldeneye: 007:


This path breaking game taught the gaming industry that anyone can make a movie to game adaption that doesn’t suck. Awesome game, great multiplayer. Enough said.

11. GTA V (Representing GTA series):

1. GTA

This is the one of those few lists which puts this game high up. The reason isn’t ‘just’ that the content creator loves this game, but it is because this game is a bridge between the last and present generations of consoles. And now with a first person experience added, this game has countless minds (And cars. And people) blown in the living rooms of many households everyday. With a really underrated story and brilliant environment and gameplay, this game comes on number eleven on this list.

10. Skyrim (Representing the Elder Scrolls series):


An open world game. Pfft. An enormous open world game. Okay. An enormous open world game with a great storyline. Superb. An enormous open world game that is actually an RPG with countless side-quests and great storyline with character building and being a badass who can slay dragons. DAAAAAAMN. There goes the reason for this game being a cultural phenomenon.

9. The last of us:

The last of us

This game was meant to be another zombie game. But then it did something no other game of the last generation did. It told us a dark, deep story which moved us and gave us a lot of goosebumps to remember. Amazing and most extraordinary narrative, we put this game on number nine on the list of greatest games of all time.

8. Half life (Representing Half Life series):

Half life

How can we ignore the best FPS of all time in this list? Well, they say that legendary games end up becoming mere museum pieces with time, but not so with this masterpiece. Hell, even one of its mod (Read: Counter Strike) is considered one of the best games of the modern era. impressive environment, thrilling action and revolutionary elements put this game on number eight on this list.

7. Shadow of the Colossus:

Shadow of the Colossus

Most of the games involve a badass hero with plethora of weapons to kill bad guys. This game just gives you a sword, a bow, and a heart full of courage to exploit the vulnerabilities of massive giants. Probably the greatest fairy tale ever told through a game.

6. Bioshock (Representing BioShock series):


We should have put BioShock Infinite and BioShock as two different games on this list but it is not done just for the sake of giving chance to other great games. Only one word can describe the BioShock series of games: Genius.

5. Portal (Representing Portal series):


The only game on the list that came out of nowhere and ended up as being one of the greatest of all time. This game came as an ‘extra’ in the orange box compilation which had titles like Half life series and Team Fortress 2, and ended up being one of the best games of all time. The best part about this game is that it is not just a shooter, but a physics based game with superb storytelling and great soundtrack.

4. Chrono Trigger:

Chrono Trigger

Pulling off 2D graphics in a manner that they compete with 3D graphics? Including an epic storyline in a video game? Ask about these things to Chrono Trigger developers. The best part of this title is that you can play this game again and again and discover something new every time.

3. Red Dead Redemption:


There is a reason this game is placed so high up. It is that Red Dead Redemption is not just a game, it is a flawless epic. An epic, that will live in your brains forever with an ending that will wreck you emotionally.

2. Super Metroid:

Super Metroid

Epic controls, great music, and stunning atmosphere in the SNES era. This game can be dubbed as the smartest game ever. It utilizes every single technology in gaming at that time and puts them into a nice story, thus making an awesome game.

1. The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time:

The Legend of Zelda- The Ocarina of Time

You knew it, didn’t you? Years have passed and nothing has come even close to the feeling when you pick up that ol’ N64 controller and enter the world of Hyrule. It was revolutionary back then, it is revolutionary today, and it will be forever. Truly a legend.

Honourable Mentions: Castlevania, Deus Ex, Journey, Diablo series, Final Fantasy series, Fallout series, Age of Empires series.