While our favorite characters continue to die like flies at the hands of GRR Martin, one Imp keeps us tied to the show that has made masochists of us all.
Tyrion Lannister is Game of Thrones’ Batman.
So here are 5 moments when The Imp quoted the living bejewels out of the show:

5. Dwarven Counsel.

No imp ever stood so tall.

Tyrion offers some sagely advice to Jon after Jon is offended by Tyrion calling him a bastard. Tyrion is a character so awesome he follows this amazing quote with an equally quotable line:
“All dwarves are bastards to their fathers.”

4. Dwarven Rage.

Textbook intense. And then some.
Textbook intense. And then some.

An angry Imp is a fearsome sight indeed. Warwick Davis agrees.

3. Dwarven Threat.

A concentrated dose of badass.
A concentrated dose of badass.

After the red wedding, Joffrey tries to establish his superiority amidst the Council. Tyrion makes this delicately veiled threat to show Joffrey his place among men.

2. Dwarven Hand.

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“And now I’ve struck a King! Did my hand fall from my wrist?”
The moment every GoT fan was unconsciously waiting for.

1. Dwarven Blood.

The father of all daddy issues.
The father of all daddy issues.

Probably the most intense scene in Game of Thrones yet. Tyrion kills his father in a classic reversal of power.
Tyrion’s final lines for the season end Season 4 with a bang:
I have always been your son.