[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he five funniest video game characters ever.


* The characters must be meant to be funny.
* Side characters are counted.

Here is a list of funniest characters in video games

5. Brucie Kibbutz (GTA IV):

Brucie Kibbutz

No one who has played the game who can forget Brucie from GTA IV. A guy made up of juicing and roid rage, he tickeled our funny bones the most in a game like GTA IV, and stood out as a character. Best47 recognizes Baby B’s humor and keeps him on number five on this list.

4. Duke Nukem:

Duke Nukem

Can we forgive him for 2011’s Duke Nukem Forever? Well even of we don’t, no one can deny that this guy up here is one of the greatest gaming legends. His humor goes is in a terribly dirty or inappropriate way, but he is never short on sarcasm, insults, or dull whit and an idiotic charm that always seems to satisfy. Whether you are blasting pig cops or fondling beautiful babes or even just hitting the menís room ñ Duke always has something to say.

3. Eddie Riggs (Brutal Legend):

Eddie Riggs

Why is this guy funny? Well reason numero uno, he is voiced by Jack black himself! Give Jack Black a guitar, creative freedom, put him in a video game and BAM. He gives us the third funniest gaming character of all time.

2. Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island series):

Guybrush Threepwood

How can a guy not be funny if his name was intentionally based on a paint filename that just had his concept art? We grew up with him, and we love him. Be it his one liners, his way of tackling things, this guy is a comedy genius.

1. GlaDOS (Portal series):


We tried to put in characters from different video games on this list. There was a close fight for this spot between Wheatley and GlaDOS, but she won. Never before was there such a talented troll of an artificial intelligence. The best thing about GlaDOS is that she defines what being funny is all about: No fart or turd jokes, hard hitting lines, a hell lot of sarcasms and cake. Don’t forget the cake.

Honourable mentions: Wheatley, Fawful, Handsome Jack, The great mighty poo.