[dropcap size=small]H[/dropcap]ere is something Vince McMahon would say after reading the title: ‘THEY ARE NOT OVER PUSHED, THE CROWD IS GIVING MIXED REACTIONS DAMN IT!’ Well, er, okay, Vince. Anyway, here are the 5 most undeservingly pushed wrestlers in WWE.

 5. John Cena:

johncena wrestlers

He sure has the five moves of doom, and wears shitty neon clothes, but people don’t hate him for that. Well, not just for that. Over exposure is the reason John Felix Anthony Cena is hated the most by WWE fans. Raw? Smackdown? Any PPV? House shows? CENAWINSLOL. Just do us a favor alredy WWE, give him his rapper gimmick back, make him appear only a few times in a year, and for God’s sake make him mortal!



4. Lex Luger:

luger_debut wrestlers

Atleast John can speak on microphone and sometimes put on five star matches. This guy? Well what he did in ring was practically nothing. Yeah, nothing. Why he was in WWE? BECAUSE HE IS MUSCULAR DAMN IT!


3. Goldberg:

goldberger wrestlers

Ask anyone about Goldberg, and they will remember just two things: Stiff spears and ‘Who’s next?’ That pretty much sums up Goldberg’s career. We at Crizic hate it to put him on a negative list like this, but we needed to. He was a decent wrestler, but 173-0? Seriously WCW?



 2. Kevin Nash:

Nash wrestlers

WWE’s and WCW’s love for big guys has always screwed the fans up. Nash is one of such disappointments. Period.

 1. Hulk Hogan:

Ultimate-Hulk-Hogan wrestlers

This has to be the most controversial entry ever. Well, HE IS A LEGEND DAMN IT! But hold on, Hulk Hogan is the man who had the single most amount of predictable matches in WWE, WCW and everywhere else for that matter. Hogan throws punch, villain rallies back, Hogan HULKS up and points at opponent, unfazed by the beating he is taking. Proceed to a few big Hogan specials, a big boot, a leg drop and finally the one, two three. Hogan was simply shoved down the throats of wrestling fans everywhere. Thereís no doubt everyone enjoyed his WrestleMania XVIII appearance as it was the biggest nostalgic moment in wrestling history. However, given the decades of repetitiveness we suffered before that, he warrants his place at the top of this list.

Honourable mentions: Roman Reigns, Scott Steiner.