[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]ith the newbies Xbox One and PS4 waiting for their defining titles, Crizic looks at some of the legendary groundbreaking titles that shaped the modern-day course of gaming. Here are the five path breaking games that changed gaming forever.

5. Wii Sports:


Xbox tried to replicate it with Kinect, Playstation with move. But no one ever came close to Wii when it came to motion gaming. And this game in particular, changed the couch-potato image of the modern gamer and put him to get off his ass and play.

4. Half Life:


We think everyone can agree on this: Half life revolutionalized the entire first person gaming experience. This game spawned many followers and derivatives, but none ever came closer.

3. Grand Theft Auto III:

grand theft auto

No matter how the controversies went, no matter how mute its protagonist was, this game was a legend. A third person shooter with a vast open world architecture and that too in 2001? Well, hell yeah!

2. World of Warcraft:

world of warcraf

This game characterized ‘MASSIVELY multiplayer online RPG.’ When it came out in 2004, it was some otherworldly experience for gamers, and it is still today.

1. Doom:


Bow down to the, bow down to the king. This game was the legitimate breakthrough of video gaming industry. It is really hard to imagine current-day games without Doom. Period.