[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]ndia is a weird-yet-awesome place to live. Indians have their own beliefs, their own customs, their own culture. Sometimes, these beliefs go on an entirely different level; they become mysteries. Crizic selects 5 of those strange Indian mysteries that are unsolved till date.

5.  Bhoot-Billi:

cat out at night shutterstock_18879361

Er, yeah. Bhoot-billi (literally: Ghost cat) was a mysterious monster that terrorized certain parts of India in 2010, particularly in the area of Pune. A strange cryptid that appeared to be a cross between a cat, a dog, and a mongoose, it was responsible for killing livestock and frightening the locals. According to one eyewitness, the creature was ‘fat and broad with a long tail, black in colour, had a face like a dog and back like a mongoose.’ It was capable of long jumps, having at least once jumped from a tree to escape people who tried to catch it. Despite this, it was said to be quite large and ferocious; its size was described as ‘smaller than a lion but bigger than a hyena.’ Well, it has been 5 years and no attacks have been reported. But beware, bhoot-billi may strike again!

4.  The Nine Unknown Men:


You must have heard about the Illuminati. You must have heard about the Freemasons, The Priory of Sion, and other secret cults. But not many have heard about The Nine Unknown Men. According to legend, this powerful secret society was founded by Emperor Asoka in 273 BC after a bloody battle that took the lives of 100,000 men. The function of the Nine Unknown Men was, and probably is, to preserve and develop the sort of secret information that would be too dangerous in the hands of the uninitiated. Each of the Nine was tasked with holding a special book of knowledge, ranging from propaganda to microbiology. Some of them are even said to hold the secrets of anti-gravity and time travel. Occasionally, some of this precious information leaks out into the world; for instance, it is said that the martial art of Judo was based on “leaks” from the Book of Physiology. The number of the Unknown Men is always nine, and their undisguised contacts with the outside world are few and far between. Much like the Illuminati, there are many rumors about their current and past members. Strangely enough, not all of them are Indian—the Unknown Men are apparently spread all over the world, with some of them allegedly holding very prominent positions. Among suspected members of the Nine Unknown are the influential 10th century Pope Sylvester II and Vikram Sarabhai, the scientist who created India’s budding space program.

3. The Monkey Man:


Out of the myriad of unsolved mysterious cases in crime is the case relating to Delhi’s Monkey Man, who created nightmares for people in the national capital region. Was he a monkey man, or a rogue nocturnal animal?  Nobody is sure about it. In the month of May, 2001, several news channels and mainline newspapers flashed news about people being attacked by a mysterious animal-like man in the middle of summer nights, when people used to sleep in the open. The animal-like man, victims said, used to suddenly attack sleeping people and then vanish in a jiffy. Victims and eyewitnesses gave different versions regarding his appearance. Some said  the creature was  4 feet tall with a hairy coat, some said  it was 5.6 feet tall wearing a metal helmet, metal claws, glowing red eyes and three buttons on its chest and some said that he had a muscular physique. Police tried to trace him out by issuing  artistic impressions of the creature but in vain. People in groups used to roam their neighbourhoods carrying arms to catch the creature at night. All of a sudden, the attacks stopped and Delhi Police conveniently put it in their file of unsolved cases. But Monkey Man remains one of India’s greatest unsolved mysteries ever.

2. Gyanganj:


Himalayas have always been linked to mysteries because of its futile terrain and inhabitable climate. But the myth has it that the world’s mightiest mountain range is a home to Gyanganj; a city of immortals and enlightened beings. Ancient Indian and Tibetan tales say that this place is city of mysterious immortal beings that cannot be discovered by ordinary men. It also said that the city is so well camouflaged that no modern mapping technique can identify the place. It is said that it is a place of serenity and ultimate knowledge. For centuries, explorers and historians have tried to locate it. But no one has succeeded.

1. Existence of Saraswati River:
saraswati river

The Saraswati River is one of the chief Rigvedic rivers mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit Texts. Infact several of this Vedic texts and Mahabharata mention the presence of a river carrying enormous volumes of water that eventually dried up in a desert. There have been various studies to determine if such a river indeed existed and the most logical conclusion have been drawn is that perhaps what is the Ghaggar-Hakra River was once the Saraswati. But again there are evidences that suggest that the Saraswati has actually dried up before the the Ghaggar-Hakra river period; raising questions about the authenticity of the existence of River Saraswati.