[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he five weirdest games ever. Here is the list of B47’s weirdest games of all time. Agree/Disagree with the list? Tell us in the comments!


* The game may or may not suck.
* It must be strikingly odd.

5. Space Giraffe:

Space Giraffe

The weirdest game of the generation that just went past, this game can be described as an acid trip in video game form. We can just hope that such games do not continue on Xbox One and PS4.

4. LSD: Dream Emulator:

LSD- Dream Emulator

Okay this is cleary weird. There are no bad guys in this game, no objectives, no special moves, nothing. You just have to wander around in a psychedelic environment. That is pretty much it. But at least this game proves a point. LSD is a hell of a drug and game developers should refrain from it while making something, else they will end up with a final product like this.

3. Mister Mosquito:

Mister Mosquito

‘This game allows you to step into the shoes of the deadliest creature in the world.’ Well, at least they could have marketed it that way. But unfortunately you are just a tiny mosquito with a goal to suck blood of a family without getting caught in the process. I guess your definition of being a badass doesn’t match with the world’s, Japan.

2. Michael Jacksonís Moonwalker:

Michael Jacksonís Moonwalker

The point of this beat-em-up game is to make Michael Jackson, guess what, dance and kill bad guys! And the point? To save children. Oh, the irony.

1. Seaman:


You are put in charge of a fish with a human face. You talk to it, it insults you back. Er, well, yeah. That is pretty much the entire game. A decade has passed since the game’s release and we still don’t know why this piece of weirdest crap was made.

Honourable mentions:
Noby Noby Boy, Tongue of the Fatman.