[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]t some moment of time all of us make informed decisions about how to spend our money (income) on goods and services that will make us feel satisfied and happy. But, of course, we also want Invest the money to grow it faster and sooner. In order to achieve it, we have to use some of the income we earn today to invest in different options that will help us produce more tomorrow. Crizic brings to you some of the best investment options in india.

7. Investment in Real estate for fixed rental income.


According to some of the well known investors there are two types of income – Active and Passive income . Passive income is one which would earn for you without dedicating too much of time. One of such investment option is investing in real estate which can be let out. There are two benefits to this. One you are getting rent as an additional income and secondly price of the property would grow on a regular basis.

6. Investment in Plot of land for your children


One of the investment for your children is to make an investment in plot . This will not only grow your money but it will also help you to multiply investment several times. One thing that we need to make sure before investing in a plot is to make sure to purchase a legitimate plot as now a days there are common cases of fraudulent plot purchase.


5. Investment in Agriculture land

agriculture land

Another option to get an additional income is to purchase a Agriculture land. Apart from getting regular income from farming there would be a growth in the price of agriculture land. However there  are constraints in buying agriculture land so it is better to crosscheck and verify the agriculture land at the first place.



4. Investment in SIPs


As markets are scaling to the new highs everyday, investing in mutual funds in one go looks risky . The best option is to invest in mutual funds with systematic investment plans. This will help to ensure decent returns with safety.

3. Secured Fixed deposits in recognized banks


One of the most secured options is to do a fixed deposit in a recognized bank.  There are various options through which we can get interest reinvested into the account on a regular basis. Also if we do a fixed deposit for more than 5 years there would be a tax benefit to it and customer can avail it under 80c for the year under which it was invested.

2. Investment in residential house with Loan


One of the best investment that you can do for yourself and your family is to buy a residential house with a home loan. Government has provided various benefits for home loan which can help you to save tax . Another benefit is the amount which you would give as rent would go to the emi for the loans.

1. Investment in Stocks


Investment in stocks is one of the option which can maximize your return on investments. On the same hand this option is a risky option if not handled with appropriate measures. Some of the measures which we can think of are as mentioend below :-

1. Invest in blue chips stocks

2. Never invest more than 40% of your free flow cash in stocks. This can be risky when markets are turbulent.

3. Do a proper analysis of the stock which you buy.

4. Never go on any tips from a illegitimate source specially for a penny stock.

5. Never overtrade.

6. Always keep a stoploss while trading.

7  Do not to get into a short term trading if you are a novice.