[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he seven best open world games.


* This is a list of best open world games, so gameplay and story are considered as follows:

i) The story must be in sync with the open world nature of the game.
ii) Games which are apt to open world requirements will be given priority.
iii) The gameplay should suit the open world elements
iv) Games with more detailed designs (relevent to the open world genre) will be given priority.
v) Entire series of particular games are included.

7. Ultima VII:

7. Ultima VII

Ultima VII is renowned for its interactivity. It was one of the first games ever to incorporate interactions with its world’s elements. Every action you perform in Ultima VII’s wide open world has its consequences.

6. Fallout series:

6. Fallout

The first Fallout laid the foundation for great narratives in open world games, and the subsequent ones just built on and topped them. One of the best RPG series ever made, every single fallout game offers an open world environment coupled with superb storyline.

5. Minecraft:

5. Minecraft

Why is this game on our list? Just because of a simple fact that the open world in which it takes place is that of our own creation. So damn addictive.

4. Batman: Arkham City:

4. Batman

Though promoted as an action adventure game, Batman: Arkham City is a brilliant open world game. Though it’s map is not as big as other titles, you can roam around the city as Batman. And being batman is all that matters.

3. Skyrim:

3. Skyrim

FUS RO DAH. The best thing about this Elder Scroll game is that it does not dictate us a story, it asks us to write our own. And that is precisely what open world games should do. Truly an epic.

2. Red Dead Redemption:

2. Red Dead Redemption

When it was first announced, people assumed it to be just a wild west parody of GTA. When it released, minds were blown and bricks were shat. Arguably the best western game ever and with the best DLC any game could ever have, this masterpiece finds its place on number two on the list of B47’s greatest open world games ever.

1. GTA series:

1. GTA

When a game franchise spawns an entire genre after its name (Read: GTA clones [Wiki link here]) you know how great it is. What does it take to establish series like GTA? Put in great storytelling, interesting protagonists, the most believable and well designed world ever seen in a game, and recently the option to play in first person as well as third person; and you have GTA, the greatest open world game series ever made. Genius Rockstar, just genius.

Honourable mentions:

Honourable Mentions

Far Cry 4, Just Cause 2, Saints Row 4, Watchdogs.