[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]ith Australia closing the tournament with their fifth win in history, this cricket world cup was indeed historical. NO team was superior or inferior in any way, only good cricket was all that mattered. Crizic decided to celebrate this world cup with a countdown of the greatest moments it gave us. Here are the 7 iconic moments world cup 2015 gave us that are hard to forget.

8. New Zealand’s path to finals:


New Zealand showed the world that despite not having an ‘established’ team on paper like India and South Africa did, they can still conquer the world with their form and class. Though the team lost in the finals, it won hearts of cricket fans all over the world.

7. India crushing South Africa:


We all can admit one thing: On paper, South Africa was the strongest team in the tournament. They had the world’s best bowler, best batsman and best fielder, and an amazing team that was capable of lifting the world cup. So, when India thrashed them with a 130-run victory after three consecutive losses to them in previous world cup, it was indeed a big moment. And this victory against a big team came after India became used to losing streak of the tournaments they had just before this World Cup.

6. Bangladesh reaching Quarter Finals:


When the game of cricket was introduced by England, Bangladesh didn’t even exist on the World map. Who knew a team, with the tag of perennial minnows, will show the grit and confidence required to create history and enter the quarter-finals of a World Cup for. But they did that; ironically, at the expense of England. Though their fans and players themselves acted not-so-mature after their loss to India in Quarter Finals, it is still a big thing that they reached so far.

5. Afghanistan’s first win:


Cricket only began in the war-torn nation 15 years ago, and many of the players grew up in the refugee camps in neighboring Pakistan after their families were displaced by the Soviet invasion of the 1970s. While simply qualifying for their first World Cup was a huge achievement, the maiden victory at the tournament caps a fairytale run from the sport’s lowest tier in 2008 to its biggest stage less than a decade later.

4. Wahab’s Spell:


Australia is infamous for its sledging practices and chin music. Wahab replied to them in their way. Probably the best spell in bowling since a long, long time; it wasn’t some ‘tight’ spell. It was just, well, extraordinary. You had to see it to appreciate it. This spell was transcendental. It was the PERFECT reply of Australia sledging Pakistan throughout the latter’s batting innings. Of the tens of thousands in the ground, there was only one protagonist, and one victim, but the cricket was so good that all were drawn in. Wahab’s anger was felt as keenly as Watson’s timidity. So bent was Wahab on embarrassing Watson that he taunted him after every ball. In one over, he did it so many times, it was as if Wahab rode a conveyor belt from the bowling crease into Watson’s personal space. Few will forget the theatre, and the unbridled, oscillating emotion of this spell. Few will forget the day one man, one bowler brought India and Pakistan closer, although only on social media. Tattooed into their nerves will be the night a fast bowler filled a stadium with his fury; the half-hour their collective pulses raced in sync with a batsman’s heart.

3. Legends retiring:


Michael Clarke, Misbah Ul Haq, Shahid Afridi, Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara, and the Zimbabwean legend Brendan Taylor; you will never see them in ODIs, ever. There goes our childhood.

2. These two scenes:

Dhoni De Villiers

Every single fan of cricket, not only in India, not only in South Africa, felt that mini heart attack when they saw these scenes. There is something very, very strange when badasses cry.

1. Australia lifting the World Cup:


FIFTH TIME? Are you crazy, Australia? Though the world wanted kiwis to win, the kangaroos played the game their way and gave a great farewell to Clarke. Let’s just hope that the Australian dominance in world cricket doesn’t begin again, just like it did when Ponting was active. Great world cup, anyway!