[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he hot topic right now, is obviously Net Neutrality. But what exactly is net neutrality? Well, TRAI wants to allow telecos to regulate services such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber et al. This means that it allows Telecos to charge you SEPERATELY for each WhatsApp message, or make you pay equivalent charges for Skype calls etc. Yeah, we are not even joking. Airtel is basically doing this crap by a hideous marketing thing called ‘Airtel Zero’, and Flipkart is the first company to support this shit. Here are the 7 reasons why you should fight against this shitty move by Airtel-Flipkart and for net neutrality:

7. You will be charged fees for EVERY-DAMN-THING:

That’s right. For weekends, for weekdays, for messaging on Whatsapp, for many other small things, you may be charged with seperate fees.


A graphic by reddit user, /u/sanctumelement.

6. It will kill small start-ups:


You must have read about this reason. While big companies will prosper partnering with telecoms, all the small start-ups will slowly fade away.

5. You will be charged extra for apps you use everyday:


You will be charged extra for Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook. Pretty much every single major application you use to connect with your friends.

4. Service providers may even disrupt and block your services with ‘their vision of the internet’:

/u/sanctumelent explains this in a great way:


3. You may not even be able to use Torrent services:


Data throttling by Telecoms may even hinder your daily torrent needs.

2. They will force you to download apps THEY want you to download, see what THEY want you to see:


‘Want to buy something? You should download Flipkart app because they are our partners!’ Fortunately, some users raised their voices and spoke against it.

1. NO ONE ‘owns’ the internet.


No one owns the internet. If internet ‘belongs’ to someone, its us. Data throttling and violating net neutrality is something we SHOULD speak up against. We’re losing the fight before it begins. Talk to people, make them care. Create buzz on social media. Or do you want to give Airtel Rs. 1 for every WhatsApp message?

Raise your voice. Tweet, Whatsapp, Update your status for #NetNeutrality. Do WHATEVER you can.

Special thanks to reddit user /u/shrik450 for inputs.