[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]ome TV shows started off really, really well. They were the shows that were supposed to be on the level of Sopranos, The Wire or Seinfeld. But as time passed, they went downhill. Crizic lists the 7 TV shows that lost their ways:

7. Suits:


The tagline ‘Two lawyers, one degree’ worked wonderfully in the first few episodes. Mike got to use his incredible photographic memory and be smart. Then, near the end of season one, Mike rarely used it, and every few episodes there’s a threat of someone finding out Mike hasn’t actually got a degree. Of course, at least once a season someone does find out. Sadly, nothing much happens.

They replaced the concept of a smart young guy with an amazing memory working for a cool lawyer with office romances. Pathetic.

6. SpongeBob Squarepants:

spongebob number 2

We hate to put Spongebob in this list, but, well the show used to be funny and entertaining to everyone regardless of their age. The company changed producers and the new guys started focusing around the animation over drawing and trying to be witty to appeal to older audiences. The innocence with a touch of tongue-in-cheek comedy was what people loved. Now it’s just a bunch of gross, cringe-worthy, and unrelated scenes with characters that are over committed to what makes them interesting.

5. Heroes:


Heroes had SO MUCH potential, but it got screwed due to the writers’ strike. Well, at least it gave us an awesome first season.

4. How I Met Your Mother:


Season 1-4 were great. 5 had some hilarious episodes, 6-8; some good ones, 9; HORRIBLE. And don’t even get us started on that ending. The creators just wanted that twist to suprise everyone, no matter how poorly timed and written it was. We think they’ll have trouble getting to make another show again.

3. Prison Break:


Up until the first episode of season 3, it was pretty good. But then? The makers of the show went:

‘Ah yes, I have an idea, the villain is now a good guy!
Just kidding, he’s bad!
No, no, now he’s good!
Psyche, he’s bad.
Oh check this out, let’s make him good again, that will really blow the audience’s mind.’

2. Dexter:


This show became so bad after season 4, that we started wondering if we’re watching the same show. This TV show with a finale that was worse than How I Met Your Mother’s comes at number 2.

1. Lost:


Can there be any other show here? Set out to become the GREATEST TV show in the history of mankind, Lost ended up as one of the greatest disaster on television, and as number one on the list of TV shows that lost their ways.