[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]ome shows and their basic plot-lines really make us wonder, ‘How the heck did they fail!‘ But yeah, they did. We at Crizic decided to list some of such shows. Here are the 7 TV shows that screwed up mind-blowing concepts:

7. Once Upon a Time:


It started as a show about Fairy Tale characters under a curse that makes them live in our world. The characters were all really unique, and sure, occasionally, there would be clever little nods to the Disney movies that included those fairy tale characters, but the inclusion of some non-Disney characters (like Rumpelstiltskin and his son, King Midas, Lancelot, Frankenstein) proved that the show was about fairy tale characters, some of whom happen to be Disney-esque.

Fast forward to now, when the show is the opposite: it’s about Disney characters, some of whom happen to be fairytale-esque. You can’t tell me that Cruella DeVille and Mickey Mouse would not have seemed out of place at the beginning of the show. Also, the characters are becoming less and less unique. They really had fun creating their own Characters and backstories for Ursula, Jack and the Giant, and Peter Pan. Now we they gave us an entire half-season arc with the characters from Frozen ripped straight out of the franchise with barely any remixing, and they’re even reintroducing characters like Ursula and Malificent in MUCH more Disney-compliant models.

6. Revolution:


All the power in the world goes out, may be a conspiracy, sounds great! But that was a shitty show.

5. Terra Nova:


Planet is becoming harder to live in, environment is shot, so go back in time and start again. Could have been a fantastic show about the infrastructure of a new society, starting humanity off again with foresight and technology. But, nope. Instead it tried to follow ‘Lost’.

4. The Big Bang Theory:


The concept of a group of nerds who couldn’t even get a girl to talk to them was awesome and refreshing in the beginning. Next thing you know, every single one of them has a beautiful woman in their lives, some have more than one. They basically turned the show into ‘Friends’.

3. Heroes:


In the first season, where everybody more or less discovered their powers, we had an interesting villain and things were all in all pretty fast paced. But after the first season, the story got worse and worse. But the potential was huge. No one knows why didn’t they show a second season, where the protagonists are struggling with their new power, searching for a purpose. Some could have actually create costumes and be actual super heroes. Others could have tried to hide their power. And all that without introducing new characters every damn episode.

2. Almost Human:


It would have been so damn interesting to see how humanity deals with AI and the rights it has. But instead it was a dozen cop buddies and villain of the week show.

1. Awake:


It was the story of a detective whose family had been in a car accident. The accident split his reality down the middle, between waking and sleeping so that when he was awake he would be in one reality, when asleep, another. In one reality, his wife was dead and his son survived. In the other, his son perished in the accident and his wife survived. Problem was, he couldn’t distinguish which reality was real. Unbelievably dark and complex set up but the show quickly spiralled into a conspiracy surrounding the accident that caused the rift. Before it pulled out of the tail spin, it got cancelled.