[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]here is a reason why PC gamers have a slight edge over their console counterparts when it comes to overall gaming experience. One word; mods. Mods are amazing. They unlock new things, induce hilarious stuff, and make the experience awesome. So here’s Crizic’s list of 7 most amazing gaming mods ever.

7. Garry’s Mod:

garrysx mod

Originally a modification of Half Life 2 named on its founder’s name, Garry’s mod was later made into a standalone game. A standalone game in which people could do ANY-DAMN-THING.

6. Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge:

Nehrim At Fate's Edge

There is indeed something about Bethesda that makes all of their games, however old they may be, replayed again and again. And that is their open-endedness. Nehrim utilized this feature of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and made a huge mod, Nehrim.

5. The Nameless Mod:

the nameless mod

Deus Ex was an amazing game. But The Nameless Mod made it even more amazing. It contained two main storylines, each taking 15 hours or longer to play through, depending on whether the player focuses on exploration and completing secondary objectives rather than completing the main story. And both were awesomely done.

4. DayZ:


Not DayZ video game which was a standalone developed game based on this mod, but the mod which was done on not-so-good ARMA 2. Possibly the best Zombie game ever, this mod arrives on number four on this list.

3. Hot Coffee (San Andreas):

hot coffee

‘Just a mini game in San Andreas.’

2. (Insert any mod name) Skyrim Mod:

skyrim mod

It is 2015, and there are still mods up and coming for this 2011 released game. This simply shows its greatness. Pick up any mod you like, or any mod you want. Want Spiderman or Captain America in Skyrim? Done. Want Thomas the tank engine in Skyrim? Done. Want to play Mario in Skyrim? Done. Want to play as a cat—-okay we will stop here now.

1. Counter Strike:

counter strike mod

Any disputes? FIRE IN THE HOLE!