There is one thing we are tired of in Spider-Man films is the choice of villains and how they are used. Well, as far as choice of villains is considered, it was actually quite good in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series. Doc Ock and Venom are amazing villains and the franchise was doing good until the second film but the third was a disaster. That’s the movie which led to the franchise’s reboot in the first place. Venom might the most poorly used villain ever.

Including too many villains in a single film doesn’t work, we’ve learned that much but Marc Webb still tried it in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and failed again which led to another franchise reboot once again cancelling all their future plans. Plus that Rhino seen at the end of the movie was awful. If you plan on using some good villains in your future films, don’t you also need to focus on making the first movies good enough for a sequel. The fans need something new to hang on to the franchise. And villains are equally important.

With the current plans for the Spider-Man franchise progressing, Tom Holland being casted as Peter Parker and Jon Watts to direct the movie, the plans seems to be in our favour this time. With the deal between Sony and MCU, Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios is ready to introduce Spidey to the vast Marvel Universe and he is to first appear in Captain America: Civil War. Also Fiege’s idea of the Spider-Man reboot is of not having another origin story and explore the Spider-Man universe to include some unused villains.

So as you enter the third Spider-Man series, check out Crizic’s gallery of 8 new villains we want to see in the Spider-Man reboot:

8. Morbius

7. Hobgoblin

6. Vulture

5. Scorpion

4. Chameleon

3. Kraven the Hunter

2. Mysterio

1. Venom/Carnage

Well, Venom was used once but his charcter was unsatisfactory and disappointing for the large fanbase Venom has and Venom more than desreves another entry. If there is one villain to be used again from the old movies, it has to be Venom. And also it’s not like Carnage will appear without Venom. Of all the villains listed Venom and Carnage are the ones who need to be there in the reboot series.