[dropcap size=small]E[/dropcap]very movie released these days have some sort of romantic subplot – be it relevent to the central plot or not. But we, at Crizic, found out 9 movies that had absolutely no romantic plot or subplot.

9. Tenacious D and the pick of destiny:


Technically, this movie has the MOST AMAZING bromance of all time. But romance? Nope. Brillant.

8. 2001, A Space Odyssey:


Though, in the movie one of the characters calls his wife and kid, but it has zero connection to the plot. It’s only really there as an excuse to show off futuristic technology and has no bearing on the character’s motivations.

7. First Blood:


Other than background extras, there’s not even an actress in it. Beat that!

6. 12 Angry Men:


Though the title suggests otherwise (Oh, stop your wandering dirty mind), 12 Angry Men had no romantic subplot.

5. Alien:


No love there, folks.

4. Reservoir Dogs:


Or most of the Tarantino movies.

3. Mulan:


There’s a suggested love interest but really it’s all about saving China. It is strangely mind-blowing seeing a Disney film where the girl is the hero and not a princess looking for love or needing to be saved.

2. Snatch:


Well, yes. Stress your brain muscles. Snatch had NO love story shit. It was just pure plain awesomeness.

1. The Thing: