Adam Sandler has screen presence wired into his DNA. Even though his recent movies have been disappointing, Sandler did some really great comedy flicks earlier in his career. He even tried his luck at something different in movies like Reign Over Me and Funny People and succeeded. Whether he is able to live up to his reputation in his next upcoming movie, Pixels, we’ll find out soon. As of now lets take a look at some of the funniest movies from his career.

6. The Longest Yard

no6 thelongestyard

Remake of the 1974 movie of the same name, The Longest Yard features Sandler as Paul Crewe, a former NFL quarterback and Burt Reynolds (who starred as Paul Crewe in the original movie) as the inmates’ coach. The Longest Yard has a decent plot, moments of glory for the “Mean Machine” while giving us genuine laughs making the entire movie entertaining and fun.

5. Anger Management

no5 angermanagement

Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler together in a comedy flick certainly sounds exciting and Anger Management did live up to its expectations. While Nicholson stole the show, Sandler was no less and together they were funny and angry enough to make the movie a reliable comedy worth watching.

4. Billy Madison

no4 billymadison

Agreed that not all Adam Sandler movies have an intelligent plot. But that’s because they are intended like that. In his first successful comedy flick which can also be credited to establish his career as a comedy movie star, Sandler nailed it playing the role of a dimwit man-child. Billy Madison surely made us laugh throughout.

3. Punch-Drunk Love

no3 punchdrunklove

Very few of Sandler’s movies are welcomed with positive reviews from the critics and Punch-Drunk Love is one of them. And the credit goes to Sandler’s performance in the movie. Sandler’s totally unexpected departure from his usual comedies turned out to be great. Punch-Drunk Love is certainly one of the best romantic comedy-drama movies out there.

2. The Wedding Singer

no2 theweddingsinger

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are a great onscreen couple. Though their chemistry did not work for Blended, but it sure did work out for some of Sandler’s earliest movies, especially in The Wedding Singer. The romantic comedy sure is not a masterpiece in its genre but is definitely entertaining, funny and never bores us. What more do we expect from a Sandler comedy?

1. Happy Gilmore

no1 happygilmore

Happy Gilmore came right after Billy Madison and the two can be considered to define the Sandler comedies style. As for Happy Gilmore, you cannot imagine any other actor who could have done a better job than Adam Sandler for the part of Happy Gilmore. The movie is extremely funny and one of Sandler’s greats.