[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]pril fools day is close, and your brain must be running in all directions on how to fool the people around you. Crizic prepares a list of seven simple April Fool pranks that can be easily used on your friends!

1. Give someone vanilla ice cream with salt put on top of it.


2. Try this age old legendary method: Screenshot their desktop, set as background, delete all icons. If they’re computer illiterate, this will ruin their week and you should probably stop there.


3. Take an edible toothpaste and cream biscuits. You know the next.


4. In most of the computers, CTRL+ALT+(Down Arrow Key) works, and does a BEAUTIFUL thing. But not many know about it. It can be solved by using CTRL+ALT+(Up Arrow Key). Simple, yet SO effective!


5. Leave a note on someone’s car (preferably new) that says ‘Sorry about the dent’. It will keep them busy for HOURS searching the dent.


6. Apply vaseline on door knobs, alarm clock keys, jar covers or any other place that is appropriate to your situation. Laugh as they shout ‘disgusting!’


7. Call them for a movie night. Show them Ramgopal Verma Ki Aag and tell them it is the ONLY movie you have. Well, this is probably the cruelest one.

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