Ankle-breakers, killer crossovers, and many astonishing plays that left the defenders stunned and dropped them on the floor. Here’s Crizic’s list of 11 most incredible crossovers in the NBA:

11. Andre Igoudala: Crossover on Quincy Miller:

10. Tim Hardaway Killer Crossover:

Talking about the greatest crossovers of all time? One cannot simply forget Tim Hardaway’s killer crossover.

9. Jason Williams: Crossover on Gary Payton:

8. Dwayne Wade: Crossover on Eric Snow:

‘SnowFall’ in Miami.

7. Joe Johnson: Crossover on Paul Pierce:

6. Jason Kidd: Crossover on Ron Harper and Scottie Pippen:

5. Steph Curry: Crossover on Chris Paul:

4. Jamal Crawford: Crossover on Wesley Matthews:

See ya later.

3. Michael Jordan, Crossover on Byron Russell:

This play was controversial but it won the Bulls its sixth championship and MJ’s final shot over Byron Russell is one of the most famous ever.

2. Allen Iverson: Crossover on Michael Jordan:

It was a tough choice between the first and second best, AI’s crossover on MJ being one of the most epic and memorable crossover in the history of the game.

1. Allen Iverson: Crossover on Antonio Daniels:

Iverson’s crossover on Jordan was symbolic, because of the players involved. But as far as breaking ankles is concerned, this one is the best.