[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]e at Crizic rank the best actors ever on American Television. These actors are purely judged on the basis of their acting performances and peculiar roles they played. Here is the list of 7 greatest american TV actors of all time.

7. Will Smith:


Some of you may be wondering what Smith is doing on this list. But for some, he may be number one. Though not many remember him as a TV star due to his amazing transition from TV to silver screen, This Fresh Prince of Bel Air guy opens this list with number seven position.

6. Jerry Seinfeld:


When a guy has his own legendary show which carries his own name, he has to be a legend himself. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Jerry Seinfeld.

5. Matthew McConaughey:

Matthew McConaughey

How can a guy pop up in a list of ‘best actors on television’ when he has done only around, say, 20 episodes? Well if that guy’s name is Matthew McConaughey, it is possible. His only noticeable role was in True Detective, an eight episode long show, where he showed his acting prowess and how time is a flat circle.

4. Kevin Spacey:

Kevin Spacey

But why—-House of Cards. Period.

3. Andy Griffith:

Andy Griffith

With the awesome Andy Griffith show, he became a household name and changed the Television industry forever.

2. Bryan Cranston:

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston has to be the greatest modern era television actor. No one comes even closer.

1. James Gandolfini Tony Soprano:

Tony Soprano

*Cuts to black*