[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he 15 greatest gaming characters of all time.


1. The characters are judged on the voice acting, designing and complexity.

2. The more influential the character, more ahead it will be on the list.

3. In case the game was released before 2000, voice acting will not be taken into account.

4. Badass characters will be given priority. Keep in mind that only mainstream and famous characters are taken into consideration.

15. Trevor (GTA V):

Trevor (GTA V)

Admit it, though having the distinction of being one of the dirtiest and ugliest character in video gaming, Trevor is awesome. Whether finding him in lingerie or throwing up after eating ‘Indian’ when you switch to him, he will always tickle your funny bone. With great character design and amazing voice acting, GTA V’s Trevor marks the number 15 on this list.

14. GLaDOS:


The funniest character in video gaming has to be here, right? It was great to see a video game villain being funny and scary at the same time. Whether in Portal or Portal 2, she was stupendously good. Thanks to her, AI characters are ‘still alive’.

13. Vaas:


Whenever it will come to character designing and voice acting, Far Cry 3’s Vaas will always be mentioned. No one expected such brilliant yet complex character to be in a shoot-swear-win video game. And thanks to him, we now know the definition of insanity.

12. Sonic:


Designed to compete with Mario’s popularity, Sonic couldn’t topple off Mario but established himself as one of the most loved character in video gaming. This speedy hedgehog made every gamer in the 90’s pay proper attention to their TV screen and taught the world a thing or two about speed.

11. Master Chief:

Master Chief-

A man of few words, Halo’s Master Chief was one of the first Clint Eastwood type badasses. Though we never got to see his face, this thing proved as a boon as we felt more relatable to his character. The thing about Master Chief is that he isn’t your regular witty type character, does not have great charisma, but when your civilization is on the line, he will be the only guy you would want to help you.

10. Lara Croft:

Lara Croft




Women in video gaming were merely meant to be supporting, appealing characters but the year 1996 changed that perception with the coming of Lara Croft as a Tomb Raider. Considered as the catalyst of more female leads in video gaming, Croft helped redefine gender in video games by providing a different interpretation of what women could do.

9. Agent 47:

Agent 47

You can be a badass, but you cannot be more badass than him. Of all the assassins in the world, Agent 47 is the guy you would never want to mess. This silent assassin knows how to do his job, by hook or crook. Best 47 keeps Agent 47 on number 9 on the list of greatest video game characters ever.

8. Kratos:


Can there be a description for a guy who has defeated every single strongest God or demigod from greek mythology? Hydra, Hercules, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The most powerful character in video gaming finds its place on number 8.

7. Ezio:


Ezio is the prime example of how you can create a memorable and influential character in video games. We mean, that is what you can expect from a guy who has friends like Leonardo da Vinci.

6. The Nameless One:

The Nameless One

Possibly the most underrated character on this list, The Nameless One was nothing like the conventional main character in video games. The most original, inspired and fascinating characters since gaming began, this immortal guy hits the list on number 6.

5. Solid Snake:

Solid Snake

The major reason Solid Snake has surpassed all the others in this list is because we love him. He was one of those few charaters who portrayed true human feelings while being a ass-kicker at the same time.

4. Link :


LinkThe protagonist from the greatest video game ever made has to be here, right? Link personified the concept of hero’s journey and taught us many things that we will remember forever. This legendary character arrives on number 4 on this list.

3. John Marston:

John Marston

Most of you must be feeling weird that a 360 generation character has made his way into the list this up, and even higher than link and Solid Snake. But you all will agree to this: never before was such a complex character designed in video games. A character which had real human feelings. A character who was totally badass, but at the same time a family man. A character who was simply a legend.

2. Gordon Freeman:



If someone told you before 1998 that a nerdy scientist who had no weapon training can be a legendary protagonist in one of the most logical video games ever made would you have believed him? Chances are that you wouldn’t have. But Gordon Freeman changed the entire mindset of gamers and showed them what video gaming means on the onset of the next millenium.

1. Super Mario:

Super Mario

Ah, you knew it. We mean, who can, WHO THE HELL can take this guy’s place? Let us all bow down to the icon, the legend and the king of kings: The Italian Plumber Super Mario.