Jake Gyllenhaal can certainly be counted among modern times’ most talented young actors. It doesn’t matter whether the movie is good, bad or average, the skilled versatile actor always delivers his best. Even the first looks of Southpaw already suggest that its going to be a part of Jake Gyllenhaal’s hits list. But before Southpaw, let’s have a look at some of his most amazing performances. Here’s Crizic’s list of 5 best movies of Jake Gyllenhaal’s career.

5. Zodiac

no5 Zodiac

David Fincher is quite good when it comes to making thrillers about obsession. Impressed by his performance in Donnie Darko, Fincher finalised Jake Gyllenhaal as his lead in the 2007 thriller, Zodiac. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of a cartoonist who becomes obsessed with catching the Zodiac killer who plagued San Francisco in late 60s and early 70s. While acting alongside big names like Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo, Jake Gyllenhaal gives one of the best performances of his career.

4. October Sky

no4 october sky

Adapted from Homer Hickam’s own book, October Sky is a true story starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Homer Hickam, a boy who shows interest in rocketry and lives his dream while belonging to a town where coal mining is every man’s living. Ocotober Sky is a quite interesting title as it’s an anagram of Rocket Boys, the book on which the movie is based and also the title of the group that made the town of Coalwood proud. Jake Gyllenhaal gave a memorable performance in this inspiring tale even before Donnie Darko and long before he made it big.

3. Brokeback Mountain

no3 brokeback mountain

Winner of three Academy Awards (Best Director, Best Original Score and Best Adapted Screeenplay), Director Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain is an emotional tale of love of two married farmers who engage in a complex relationship with each other over the course of two decades. While Ang Lee did his part perfectly well as the director, the two actors, Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger also gave an Oscar worthy performance.

2. Nightcrawler

no2 nightcrawler

Nightcrawler was one among the wave of good movies that came in 2014. And its success can be credited to the excellent performance of its central character on which the movie hanged. There couldn’t have been a better choice than Jake Gyllenhaal for the role of the accident chasing cameraman, Louis Bloom, but with that creepy look he still managed to deliver a performance above what we expected, immediately making everyone who saw the movie his fan. Nightcrawler is a surprisingly good thriller in the neo-noir style, the kind of thriller we always long for and want more of.

1. Donnie Darko

no1 donnie darko

There is no doubt about which movie should be number 1 on this list. The highlight of Jake Gyllenhaal’s career, a movie with a mind-bending plot which also featured the most terrifying bunny ever, the movie that made everyone aware of Jake Gyllenhaal’s capabilities and to think he gave this performance when he was still a teenager, Donnie Darko above all. A small trivia about the movie: Donnie Darko was actually filmed in 28 days (the figure also reminds me of something important from the movie, a coincidence?).