[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]his is certainly the brightest timeline. Either that or somebody collected all the Dragon Balls and wished for a new Dragon Ball series. Whatever it is, Dragon Ball Super is happening and Akira Toriyama, the original creator will return as the writer for the new series. This is exciting news for all the fans. We are getting a new movie and a whole new series. Dragon Ball Super would be a direct sequel to Dragon Ball Z and will be set some years after the Kid Buu arc. So? So here are the 7 things we expect from new Dragon Ball Super series.

1. Vegeta and Goku Are Finally Even:


Goku has always been more powerful than Vegeta and there’s nothing wrong with that but Vegeta must close the gap between their power levels. The Majin Vegeta vs Goku Super Saiyan 2 fight was really intense but was left unfinished. Vegeta throughout the Z series evolved as one of the best characters who gave us fans some incredible moments (particularly the Majin Vegeta Final Explosion scene). He has the heart of a warrior and always keeps coming back no matter what. Though they cannot be even for the entire series beacause that would be boring but sometime near the end of the series ‘The Prince Of All Saiyans’ and Goku are finally equal and have an all out battle. Time to see who is the strongest? Also, it would be amazing if Vegeta was the one to defeat an enemy in one of the Super’s Sagas.

2. Vegeta Super Saiyan 3:


Vegeta transforming into Super Saiyan 3 would be splendid. Come on Vegeta, Super Saiyan 3 and maybe a new ultimate attack (not that Final Flash is not good enough but another addition like the kinds of Dragon Fist would be great).

3. An End To The Super Saiyan Transformations:


No particular problem with the Super Saiyan transformations. They have been cool since Goku first became a Super Saiyan and we loved how Akira Toriyama took them to another levels. There will possibly another one or two or more transformations we’ll see. But there has got to be some end to them. The Super Saiyan God form from the two latest canon movies appear awesome and as for the normal transformations there has to be a stop, not to the power levels (no, the Z-Warriors will keep getting stronger anyway) but to the transformations a Saiyan can power up to.

4. Gohan Gets Stronger:


Goku and Vegeta are undoubtedly the most important characters. The Z-Fighters did their part every time they were needed and their roles can never be entirely neglected. The Dragon Ball Universe happens to have so many awesome characters, its just that some were left behind as the Saiyans kept getting stronger and stronger. But Piccolo was not supposed to be the warrior to sit and watch the fight because he is not powerful enough.
With Dragon Ball Super we can expect Gohan to become more powerful. We have seen that Gohan’s power is not limited to his ‘Ultimate Gohan’ base form. And just like the Cell Saga, Dragon Ball Super can show Gohan training hard 24/7 and become one of the key fighters when it finally comes to actually defeating the enemy.
Plus it would also be fun to watch Piccolo to get a boost, undergo some insane training and join forces with Gohan as a key fighter.

5. No More Spirit Bombs:


Not that Spirit Bomb is a bad or boring attack but still it was disappointing to see Goku resort to using it to defeat Kid Buu. It was pathetic how the people of earth refused to help the Saiyans, not believing them (all Vegeta intended was people to take care of themselves once) but finally lend their energy when Mr. Satan asks them to. Anyhow, Dende had to make a wish to restore Goku’s strength so that he could deflect the Spirit Bomb back to Buu. So it was neither Goku (who could have been fully restored earlier) or Gohan who defeated Buu on their own which they could have but it was the Spirit Bomb that did the job.
We would not want any awesome villains (like Kid Buu) in Dragon Ball Super to meet their fate by a Spirit Bomb. Saiyans (there are so many options) are enough to finish them off.

6. Fusion:


FUSION has given us some splendid characters, Gotenks, Gogeta and Vegito (even if you hate fusions, Vegito was a character so awesome you cannot dislike). While it is impossible that Vegito will appear in the new series but there is chance we can see Gotenks or Gogeta or some other ‘super’ amazing fusion.

7. Broly, A Part Of The Anime?:


Non-canon DBZ movies have given us some great villains and out of all of them Broly is one character around whom a great arc with a strong storyline can be developed. It would be awesome if The Legendary Super Saiyan was a part of the main storyline as a stellar antagonist. Broly already has a strong background story, plus Kakarot and Broly have a histroy between them since birth, so it would be exciting to watch the two warriors beat the hell out of each other.