Few TV shows can even hold a candle to Breaking Bad when it comes to sheer ingenuity, but as far as its lead is concerned, no one, absolutely no one stands up to Heisenberg. With his signature hat, glasses and french beard, Walter White single handedly changed the definition of what it meant to be truly bad-ass, forever.
Like with Tyrion Lannister before, we decided to bring you the 5 most awe-inspiring quotes from television’s greatest anti-hero.

5. PSAD.

The greatest PSAD(Post Season Anticipation Disorder) inducing moment.
The greatest PSAD(Post Season Anticipation Disorder) inducing moment in TV history. 

The moment when Walt definitively steps over the line into the dark side. Left us with gnawed-to-the-hilt fingernails.

4. Metamorphosis.


The moment when Walter White ceases to be.

3. Ego.

That's goddamn right.
That’s goddamn right.

The moment when Heisenberg becomes the Heisenberg of folk-lore.

2. Diablo.

I saw the Devil.
I saw the Devil.

The moment when Hank beheld true evil.

1. Legend.

Captain Quoteman's favorite TV moment.
Captain Quoteman’s favorite TV moment.

The moment that put the bad in Breaking Bad.