We are halfway through 2015, and there were a lot of good sitcoms, fantasies, and dramas to view. Finale of two of the greatest shows in their genre and a big jump in the ranks of promising comedy series for a show which already had an amazing first season, here’s Crizic’s list of the 6 best TV show runs of 2015 so far.

6. Game of Thrones – Season 5

no6 got

As the fifth season peaked with Hardhome, no one expected that swaying away from the source books will end the season in such a harrowing manner. Disregarding everything else about the show, tha season finale seemed like a forced attempt to generate too much shock value. But still the entire season was not much inferior to its previous seasons and did not at all ruin our entire viewing experience. Taking into account all the episodes, the show did pretty good this time.

5. Daredevil – Season 1

no5 daredevil

Daredevil was rejuvenated on Netflix this year after he was buried deep in the 2003 disaster of a movie starring Ben Affleck. If you are looking for something action packed from Marvel then Daredevil might not satisfy your needs because the actual appeal of the show is the strong story it runs along. A surprisingly good show in its genre totally worthy of binge watching.

4. Better Call Saul – Season 1

no4 better call saul

Bob Odenkirk is an amazing actor. Making a spin-off series of Breaking Bad based on the show’s one of the best side characters (Saul Goodman) seemed to be a really good idea in the first place and what’s so good about the show is that Vince Gilligan managed to make Better Call Saul its own thing completely pulling it off from Breaking Bad’s shadow. You still feel throughout the show that Jimmy will become an honest lawyer even though you are well aware of how he ends up eventually.

3. Mad Men – Season 7

no3 mad men

As everyone stirred impatiently speculating how the show would end while the show searched the cynical pits of human behaviour, Matthew Weiner carried Mad Men to what can be called a perfect ending to one of the most dominant TV drama of its time.

2. Silicon Valley – Season 2

no2 silicon valley

The first season of Silicon Valley was phenomenal. The second season was even much better. Silicon Valley has to be the best geeky comedy and surely one of the best ongoing comedy shows. Everytime time Erlich Bachman opens his mouth, he utters something droll and side-splitting, or well, does something obscenely funny particularly when he takes negging too seriously. Maybe after Community, Silicon Valley is the comedy we can rely on for something well thought and original.

1. Community – Season 6

no1 community

You know how awesome the show was when the last episode is called Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television. Because that’s how you destroy the fourth wall. No one expected that Frankie and Elroy will fit in so well in the study group. The season had so much in it. The final paintball battle was fought bravely. There were elaborate lessons on grifting and email security. Ah, email reminds me, Abed even found out a fun way to send emails. Montage. And you know when a show begins on a random, intriguing scene with no context, the screen needs to cut to black next and say ‘three weeks earlier’. A perfect ending to one of the greatest, most creative sitcoms ever. Wait, didn’t they promise six seasons and a movie?