1. Hand sanitizer/Hand Soap/Paper Soap :

paper soap

It’s a message worth repeating — hand washing is by far the best way to prevent germs from spreading and to keep ourselves away from getting sick.It is therefore important to carry Hand Sanitizer or Soap with us while travelling.

2. Medicines :


you might not get enough medical support in train. Please make sure to
basic medicines with you

3. Food and Water :


You will get these facilities in train but we would suggest not to depend
on this.Some satisfying fruits like apples,oranges,pears,especially those that wont get crushed.
You can also carry some food which would last long.

4. Books/magazine/Headphone:-


One thing that we suffer in long train journeys in boredome.
Some things that you must carry with you are Books/magazines. One should also carry headphones so that we
listen to songs and watch videos without6. any distraction to others

5. Change money :


There are no ATMs in train. Please make sure to carry some cash specially changed cash.

6. BedSheet/Blanket/Pillow :


You would get this if you are travelling in AC but for sleeper class these
few things are compulsion.

7. Railway e-ticket/sms/Id card :

Mobile Ticketing

Along with all the train items please remember to carry your ticket as
you need to show it to ticket collection officer.