An open letter to all the people, whether for or against Salman Khan.

Hello folks.

The social media is buzzing with the recent Salman Khan case. Open your Facebook profile, and scroll down. Your will find infinite posts from people who just turned into law experts. They are the same people who were cricket experts a couple of months ago, and experts in political science past year as well.

They are the same people who voiced their opinions on the Nirbhaya case, Yuvraj Singh out of the world cup squad case, and why Narendra Modi is legendary case, and so on. If you pick any random person among them, click on his or her profile and scroll down a bit more, you will probably see some personal shit (he left me, she doesn’t love me, why I have so much attitude, why I am so cool). Or a post or two about why 90s were cool and young kids suck.

Isn’t that GREAT? Are you posting the same shit? Well congratulations! You are a rebel! You can now easily pick up girls, become popular in your college, or school and get laid! Yeah? Being a rebel is cool, isn’t it? You voice your opinions, get people’s support, and become the next Mahatma Gandhi—-Oh, that’s not how it goes. Well.

Everyone wants praises. Everyone wants to look good on social media. Everyone wants to be a hipster. But do you even know that when you don’t have proper knowledge about anything, and you start bitching about the subject, you are just posing as a fool?

Oh and yeah, every website is pulling this shit: by posting on this matter through clickbait. And people are easily falling for it. Just like you did now. And the funny thing is, this article is not even about the Salman Khan case!

It is about how people don’t give a shit about your personal opinions.

You may love something, or its counterpart. Stand on either side and you will take the flak. Wait a minute, is this article suggesting that one shouldn’t take a stand? HOW RIDICULOUS.

Well, this article is actually suggesting to stop bitching and moaning about things on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms if you don’t know SHIT about the subject. Being cool on Facebook will not help you, because everyone’s cool on Facebook. Also, typing weird shit on Twitter will turn you into a living, breathing KRK. And not to forget, soon people will accuse you of hypocrisy if you slightly alter your opinions, just like people will now point out hypocrisy and irony in this article.

The point of this article is to tell you, do what YOU know how to do and don’t go on bitching on social media just because it is cool and will make you popular among your friends. You cannot impose your opinions on others and expect them to support you. Because if you are a hipster, there are thousands of others.

Just like the writer of this article is a hipster.

– R

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of Crizic and Crizic does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.