Critics are raving about Lion, an extraordinary movie based on a true story of how a foundling Indian boy, estranged from his home village by the cruellest of fate and growing to adulthood far from home, found his home town. This Oscar forerunner has almost every element from the original story of Saroo Brierley, ‘A Long Way Home’; or well, every element that was possible to picturize.

There’s always a story behind a story, and Khandwa’s Rochak Nagori pertains to that statement.

Mr. Nagori, a 31 year old lawyer from Khandwa played a small but powerful role in the actual story of Saroo. He created the Facebook Page, ‘KHANDWA MY HOME TOWN’ in the year 2010. According to him, the page was created just to ‘gather all people in Khandwa who are on Facebook, to a single page.’

When Saroo kept searching for his town for a long amount of time on Google Maps, he found nothing but disappointment. One day he stumbled upon Rochak’s page and dropped a post on their wall.

Mr. Nagori, the page’s admin responded to Saroo, and was given all confirmations about how to reach and other important things. Saroo has mentioned in his book ‘A LONG WAY HOME’, about how amazing a person Rochak is and how he aided him in every step of the way.

Here’s Saroo talking about how the page helped him find the town:

Sheru- Saroo – now Lion narrating how this Khandwa page helped him to confirm the right place …
Saroo Brierley (Official) Lion Movie. #lion #khandwa #oSCARS

Posted by ”Khandwa” My Home Town on Saturday, January 28, 2017

Not only this, Saroo has mentioned the page in his book quite a few times and the book contains excerpts that have heaps of praises for Mr. Nagori.


Unfortunately, in spite of the Facebook page playing a big factor in helping Saroo finding his home, and Saroo specifically stating in his book that the Facebook page has helped him as much as Google Earth did; there has been absolutely no mention of Rochak or the page in the movie ‘Lion’.