[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hat makes Dubai so special? 7 star properties? World’s tallest tower(s)? Manmade islands? Underwater hotels? Buildings that keep spinning? Nope. Dubai is special, because people in here do things their way. Crizic brings you 10 of the famous photographs found on the internet suggesting the very same thing:

1. Just a regular game of tennis, folks. Move along.

Tennis court at the top

2. Traffic jam? What traffic jam?

Great solution for traffic jams

3. Because dogs; are too mainstream.

Peculiar Passsengers

4. Horse Power?

This is what we actually call as HorsePower

5. Watch out, street racers.

Lamborghini Car for Cops

6. Well, what?

Balance with Tortoises

7. Okay, this is getting weird.

Participating in Lions race

8. DUDE!

Paddle Boarding

9. Pfft. That’s just a pet on board.

Pets on boats

10. ‘Just keep a check on the bike, I got to run to the ATM to take out some—-‘



Machine to withdraw Gold