[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap] bag is women’s best friend, or well, one of the best friends. The point is, it goes with you everywhere. But there are some things, without which carrying a bag becomes pretty useless. But we are here to make your bag something more than just a fashion statement. Crizic brings to you 18 things that every woman should have in her bag.

1. Safety Pins:

safety pin_update

They may come to rescue any-damn-time, believe us.

2. Small Pack Of Tissues:

face tissue

Women are the ones that give utmost importance to hygiene. One thing that can help with that is a small pack of tissues.

3. Hair items:


They’re especially handy when you need to pull your hair back, and look sexier.

4. Medication:


A day’s worth of medication set aside in case is must in case you can’t get home or to the pharmacy in time.

5. Band-Aids:


Grab a couple of band aids and drop them in your bag. They come handy at times.

6. Money!


Well, yeah, Everyone carries money, what’s so special in that? The point is, aside from carrying currency notes, keep some change. If not, be ready to get some tasteless candies as change.

7. Compact Mirror:

women mirror

You don’t need to ask a stranger if your hair looks good. If you’ve got a little mirror you can do it yourself.

8. Sanitary Pad:


There is nothing to be embarrassed about it. Be proud of being a woman, and carry a sanitary pad.

9. Mint Gum

mint gum

Bad breath can be quite a turn off.

10. Something To Eat, or, FOOD!



11. Notebook, And A Pen:

notebook and pen

Though everyone carries a mobile phone these days, carry a small notebook and a pen too. You will always find them useful.

12. Moisturizer:


They are quite important specially during the colder season.

13. Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

For so many reasons, hand sanitizer is a must. Keep it handy in your purse.

14. Roll-on Perfume


Just a few rolls will make you feel refreshed throughout the day.

15. Deodorant


Deodorant is lifesaver during long and busy days.

16. Headphones


A companion which will never leave you.

17.  Pepper Spray:  

pepper spray

Every woman, across all strata of society, all ages, should carry a can of pepper spray in her bag. Carrying a pepper spray will always give you confidence to face any threat and keep you safe from all harm.

18. Portable Charger/Power Bank


On certain occasions, it can be simply life-saving. Just imagine the situation when you are expecting a very important personal/business call and your phone goes off. Power banks are amazing.